Commercial Painting

TI - Preping Door For FinishingFrom retail TI’s, remodels to new construction, Team Painting has the experience you demand for your commercial painting needs.  You can rely on Team Painting for prompt, competitive bids, broad project experience and unwavering attention to detail.  We are a truly a professional painting contractor.

When you hire Team Painting for a commercial painting project, you can have peace of mind that the job will run smoothly and finish on time.  Team has completed numerous commercial painting projects in and around San Diego, including shopping centers, retail stores, office buildings, restaurants, tenant improvements, industrial warehouses. Other services include residential  painting, concrete floor staining and high performance epoxy floor coatings.

The key to any great painting job is prep-work.

For Interior Painting our prep work includes:

  • Thoroughly clean all surfaces to be painted.
  • Protect floors and furniture with butyl coated drop clothes or poly plastic.
  • Remove switch plates,light fixtures, ect. as necessary.
  • Fill all nail holes.
  • Treat & prime water stains.
  • Scrape all loose paint & re-texture as necessary.
  • Prime all bare wood & repair damaged areas.
  • Caulk & seal all cracks, seams, and joints.
  • Tape & mud all major wall cracks.

For Exterior Painting our prep work includes:

  • Pressure wash all areas to be painted.
  • Remove mildew with bleach and jomax.
  • Scrape and sand to remove peeling paint.
  • Caulk & seal all cracks, seams, and joints.
  • Mask & seal off windows, doors, and brick.
  • Prime complete or as needed.
  • Repair or replace rotten wood.
  • Nail down or tighten loose trim.
  • Cover landscape with drop sheets.

Contact us today to speak with an estimator about current or upcoming commercial painting projects in the greater San Diego area.