Epoxy Floors

Epoxy Floors in San DiegoAt Team Painting we can transform a dull garage floor into a brilliantly colored auto showroom with a durable, professional quality epoxy floor finish.


We also do:

  • Laundry room floors
  • Storage areas
  • Covered patios and landings
    • Warehouse floors
    • Commercial

Epoxy is a tough, long-lasting coating that you paint onto the concrete. It resists grease, oil and many other substances that would ruin ordinary paint. It cleans easily and can be tinted to a variety of colors , so you can keep your  floor sparkling clean and attractive for years.

However, the reality of this challenging project is, one, not all concrete floors will hold a coating, and two, preparing concrete can be labor intensive and tedious. That said, we will help you assess your concrete’s condition, show you how we clean and etch it, and demonstrate how we apply an epoxy surface that will handle car traffic, chemicals and oil.

As with any other paint job, success lies in the prep work.  At Team Painting for the average garage size (20×20) we will  spend the first day removing oil spots, cleaning/degreasing the floor, etching it with a murietic acid, and scrubbing, then nuetrilizing the acid.

Day two is for filling cracks and applying the first coat of epoxy, which is followed by a second coat on day three, or we can add a chip system followed by two coats of clear.

Please don’t make the same mistake as many  homeowners do by using  poor quality epoxy floors systems that try to save you a money. Call us today for a free estimate.